Lake Champlain Gynecologic Oncology is a comprehensive gynecologic oncology center dedicated to the care of women with or suspected of having gynecologic cancers as well as regular gynecologic care for cancer survivors and healthy women. Our office comprises 5500 square feet of easily accessible space with ample on-site parking, 6 exam rooms, a laboratory, a pharmacy, and a chemotherapy infusion center. Our exam rooms are equipped with a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine with transvaginal and Doppler capabilities as well as video-colposcopy and a procedure room where simple outpatient surgical procedures can be safely performed. LCGO provides patient-centered comprehensive care from a friendly well-trained and experienced staff. Our staff believes in comprehensive continuity of patient care, the importance of quality of life and treating patients as a whole individuals addressing both their physical and psychological needs. Published results of our cancer patients’ survival far exceed the national average.

Our chemotherapy center treats more women with gynecologic cancers than any other center in Vermont and upstate New York. Our center is dedicated to the care of women with gynecologic cancers and provides the highest level of specialty care and patient camaraderie. Our center takes pride in individual patient care and is staffed by three chemotherapy and oncology certified nurses for a total of four chemotherapy chairs. Chemotherapy is directly supervised by Dr. Eltabbakh whose research has helped shape the standard of care for women with gynecologic cancers. All ancillary aspects of chemotherapy including blood draws, assessing lab values, growth factor support, insertion and maintenance of venous access devices, and intravenous hydration are carried out by our well-trained staff.

Dr. Eltabbakh performs a wide range of surgical procedures that vary from laser surgery to pelvic exenteration. Dr. Eltabbakh is one of the pioneer laparoscopic surgeons in the country. Dr. Eltabbakh performs his surgeries at hospitals in both Vermont and New York. We believe that patients with or suspected of having gynecologic cancers cannot wait long for their surgeries and make every effort to perform these surgeries safely and in a timely fashion.

The Center for Women’s Health and Wellness is a comprehensive women’s health care center dedicated to providing personalized service to address gynecologic needs. Our center is designed and decorated to create a calm, non-institutionalized atmosphere where women can feel comfortable to speak about their needs and concerns. Our providers are committed to women’s health care and are able to integrate traditional and alternative therapies in regards to promoting and maintaining women’s health. See “Services” for a complete list of the services we provide.

Our practice accepts patients with all insurances. Payment plans are available for patients without insurance. We believe that the quality of patient care should never be dependent on patient insurance or her ability to pay.